"The warm scent of home baking does not greetme as I enter the kitchen. So I create my own smell by baking scones. Hereis my recipe but remember before you rush for pencil and paper that thisrecipe is copyright and owned by me, Adrian Mole. So, should you wish tobake scones to this recipe then you will need to send money to me."
- A. Mole

From "Mole on Lifestyle," True Confessions of AdrianAlbert Mole


4 oz. flour or metric equivalent
2 oz. butter or metric equivalent
2 oz. sugar or metric equivalent
1 egg (eggs are still only eggs)


Beat up all the ingredients. Make a tin greasy, throw it all in. Turnoven to number 5. Wait until scones are higher than they were. Should be12 minutes, but keep opening the oven door every 30 seconds.

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